Here at Integer 32, we’ve noticed some people working at larger software companies mention that Rust is a tough sell. Much of the Rust ecosystem assumes that you can install crates directly from, and that all crates are open source. Company policies are sometimes in conflict with these assumptions. We want to provide a solution to address these issues and are looking for a sponsor. Is that your company?

Current solutions

cargo-vendor and cargo-local-registry help when you are restricted from installing crates over the internet, such as from build servers. They’re optimized for caching your dependencies locally in a filesystem, but don’t offer a web frontend or any authentication.

It is possible to install’s codebase elsewhere, but being able to swap out integrated components like GitHub and S3 isn’t possible right now without editing the code.

The public instance of doesn’t have a way to host private crates or manage who has permission to download them.

Seeking sponsors

There are many different directions we could go with this product and/or service. Most of all, we want to know that what we build will be useful to someone who wants to adopt Rust but can’t currently.

To that end, we’re currently looking to get in touch with companies interested in sponsoring this work. A sponsor would determine our priorities: we’d build exactly what your company needs first, and work with you to ensure it meets your requirements. This sponsorship would include either a year of free usage (if we go with the SaaS version) or a year of support and updates (if we go with a product installed within your firewall).

If this partnership possibility piques your interest, let’s chat about your needs and discuss sponsorship costs.

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Seeking input

If using Rust in your enterprise is only a far-off possibility, we can still use your help! If lack of enterprise-friendly infrastructure is one of the factors preventing Rust adoption, please fill out this survey to help us assess where our efforts would be best spent! Survey responses will only be used internally to inform Integer 32’s direction, and you’ll only need to provide contact information if you’d like to stay in touch with us about our progress.

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